Himalya International is the pioneer and the most diversified food & agribusiness companies of India.

We offer a basket of All Natural products that include: 
★ Mushrooms        ★ Dairy     ★  French Fries
★Potato Specialty products      ★ Appetizers
★ Ethnic Indian Snacks      ★ Sweets.

We have two modern, plants in North & West India growing and processing all these products as chilled, frozen and canned. We Recycle all Agro & Process waste from plants to mushroom compost and all spent compost back to farmers as organic manure.


★ Bring Happiness to People; our customers, employees, farmers and the communities through ethical, planet friendly & progressive policies, by innovations and conscientious actions !


★ To serve the best foods for overall well being & happiness of our customers by constant innovations to use healthier & simple ingredients.


★ All Natural No Preservatives No Chemicals Simple Clean Labels


★ Positive Recycle of all resources with zero carbon footprint by 2020